How To Make Friends As A Remote Worker

Having fun unleashes creativity, which leads to better ideas. Genuine, trusting relationships improve productivity in today’s collaborative work environments and industries. You can’t expect your job to be 100-percent how to make friends when you work from home enjoyable all the time. It’s work after all, generally defined as the exertion of mental or physical energy. Things that are relaxing and easy all the time, like watching Netflix, generally do not come with a salary.

This offers a great opportunity to make friends out of those you already work with. If your company has employees working in various locations, a social channel could be a great central place for everyone to engage in fun ways. Don’t be afraid to start this kind of channel if one doesn’t already exist at your company. This works when you want to get to know a colleague one-on-one or you want to get to know a whole group. On the call, talk about more than work, Thiruvengadam recommends. Some conversation-starters include favorite podcasts, books or movies.

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Also, keep in mind that some people keep their networks on social platforms small or separate from their work life. Keeping a friend from work after someone leaves for a new job can be hard, since you lose the day-to-day interaction and shared experiences.

  • For example, it might look like you’re not paying attention if you’re taking notes during a Zoom meeting, so let people know what you’re doing.
  • Often, you’ll notice that your work Slack is used for non-problematic small talk featuring memes, inside jokes, or gossip vaguely related to the office.
  • B-School Whether you’re brand new to business or established and ready to grow, B-School will challenge you to execute at your highest level.
  • Even one close friend can turn a work chore into a chance for fun.
  • If you love art, history, or design, become a member of your favorite museum and attend the members-only events offered.

Instead, I try to find out where culinary professionals are gathering and learning about their craft. Now, I’m not talking about an elevator pitch or a static way to answer the question, “So, what do you do? But what I am talking about is just a simple line that you can use to introduce yourself to anyone at any time. If you live in a location without commutable access to a co-working center, start your own Meetup and bring together other telecommuters in your area. This is especially helpful if you plan to travel the world as a digital nomad and don’t know anyone in the best cities for remote work yet. These spaces are typically set up with desks, access to outlets, and room enough to meet like-minded individuals who are in the same remote boat. These brief conversations will flex your small talk muscles and take the scary out of striking up chats with strangers you may find attractive or influential in your industry.

Will You Be My Work Friend? The New Reality Of Making And Keeping A Work Friend In The Hybrid World

Join discussions in off-topic channels on Slack or the collaboration platform your association uses as a virtual watercooler. Be curious about others—without acting stalkerish, of course. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration, and your story may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

  • It’s also meant finding ways to express yourself asynchronously in places like Slack—be it through perfectly timed GIFs, unexpected pet photos, or links to bad tweets.
  • If you’re all remote, just extend your ice cream-eating and TV-watching into a group chat form, and see if you all click.
  • While it’s tempting to slip into a life of pajamas and unwashed hair, fight the urge!
  • As we head into new jobs, or new semesters, many of us will have to start over, and part of that includes turning new colleagues and classmates into new friends.

You should also check your local newspaper or community center for local parent-child activities like reading groups, Mommy & Me sessions, and field days at your local park. Now that you have stopped talking about work, start sharing stories. According to a meta-analysis , people like people who disclose details about themselves. Another study found that when people answered a series of intimate questions, they felt closer afterward.

Make Friends, Find Dates, And Be More Social When You Work Remotely Like This

If you want to meet other digital nomads, go to nomad hotspots where they’re likely to be. If you want to meet tech entrepreneurs, go to meetups in tech hotspots. Making social plans will come much more naturally once you know your team members a little better and have spent time working closely with them. You’ll also feel more comfortable leaning on them when you need workplace support — whether it’s advice on how to handle a difficult colleague or help with a challenging assignment. When on Zoom, your background—real or virtual—serves as a conversation starter. It says something about you and lets people see what you have in common. ” Co-workers get a sense of your hobbies and tastes from the musical instruments, books, sports equipment, art, photos, or belongings in the background.

  • Reaching out to a friends of friends will likely feel less daunting if this is your first time creating your social circle from scratch.
  • Don’t be afraid to start this kind of channel if one doesn’t already exist at your company.
  • Whether you’re making a daily commute into the office or sitting behind a computer screen at your kitchen table, here are six tips for making friends at work.
  • Classes offer the benefit of group exercises and assigned collaboration, which will give you the chance to hone your skills or explore your interests while connecting with like-minded people.
  • Set up a virtual coffee break, lunch break, or happy hour with them, but don’t ask for an hour, ask for minutes maximum.

I’m not the only one floundering to expand my social network with rusty social skills. COVID has shrunken many people’s circles, and relationships at work are now mostly impersonal Zoom calls where half your colleagues probably have their cameras turned off. As a result of increased social isolation, loneliness has spiked in the U.S., as a 2020 Harvard study found that 36% of Americans reported feeling lonely.

Having Friends At Work Can Boost Happiness For Young People

Bumble has a ‘BFF’ feature for those looking for friendship. You can meet people anywhere but the chances of making like-minded friends in a new city are heightened if you have a shared interest. In life generally, I believe following your passions and interests can only lead you in the right direction.

Making Friends If You Work Remotely

A coworking space may be an awesome way to transition from office life to life as a remote worker. So casually mention activities you’d like to do with other people, like starting a team for trivia night or taking a cooking class, and your contact may recommend someone in their network to meet up with. It’s just that most of their communication tends to happen online and not in real life. Working solo doesn’t have to mean endless loneliness and fewer happy hour invites. Try sitting near another solo traveller or at the bar; this way you can chat to the bartender if all else fails. In Porto, we were all aged around 30 and wanted to get work done so there was a good mix of productivity and socialising.

Find Meetups For Your Hobbies

So it was reassuring to hear that this isn’t something that’s totally up to you or me. This is another no-brainer until you stretch your comfort zone a bit and take it outside of your own work industry. I know plenty of finance folks, so I’m not trolling the American Banker’s Association to meet new friends.

Making Friends If You Work Remotely

This might be better if you’re shy about going to a meetup alone. I just moved to a new city and made a few friends instantly through Bumble BFF!

Join A Coworking Space

I don’t mean to be a naysayer, and I’ve not lived in NYC before, but it is challenging to make friends in London! There are some online FB groups where people meet up but I find London to be quite challenging to make friends. I’ve lived in LA and found it challenging to make friends there for urban sprawl, and I’ve lived in Taipei which is handsdown the best place to meet interesting people easily and have good friendships. If you want, taking classes might be the best way to make friends in London, but I find it’s not easy to meet up because of geography. Geography matters a lot in London – if you live near your friends that will make the biggest difference in how often you have good friend interactions. We make a friend when we meet someone whom we connect with and we have at least one or two things in common.

An ongoing Harvard Study of Adult Development found that strong personal relationships are predictors of long-term happiness. Now, I use social media to connect and suss out bloggers and others nearby. When I was in Tbilisi, Georgia, I shared an Instagram photo of a gorgeous church there and a local woman commented to welcome me to her city. That was the opening and I asked her if she was keen to meet for wine. We talked for many hours and it was such a wonderful way for me to make a new friend and also learn more about her culture and country’s history.

Making Friends If You Work Remotely

But one thing that doesn’t have to change is regularly attending religious services to stay grounded. Do a little research to see if there’s a mosque, synagogue, church, or spiritual get togethers in your area. They might offer services in English where you can meet others who continue to worship while traveling, connecting over a shared religious belief can be a strong bond in an unfamiliar place.

There’s also an assumption that coworkers have a shared interest that led them to the same job, says Beck. Within the structure of work, people often bond with those who are the most similar to them.

One of the amazing things about the area you are relocating to is the opportunity to travel. If you would like connections with amazing and hospitable people in different locations across Europe, please let me know. I lived in Europe for 10 years and it is still home to my family and I. In real life or online, friendships don’t happen overnight. If that first virtual coffee goes well, consider planning another, Thiruvengadam says. If that goes well, consider making monthly coffee chats a regular calendar item.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

When you’re not on a video call, you can fill in the gaps by joining conversations in Slack, sharing emoji reactions and liking social posts. In addition to posting in the Facebook groups that are filled with people currently in your home city, consider casting a wider net. In my experience, Facebook offers more opportunities to connect with fellow travelers compared to so it’s a good place to focus.

Of Americans Say Having A Friend At Work Makes Them Happier

But staying close with a friend is all about being intentional with your time and communicating, just ask Matt Damon and Ben Affleck or Frog and Toad. Staying healthy and regularly working out are important pieces to making life on the road sustainable. Crossfit gyms, personal training classes, or spin studios offer the easiest way to meet people without interrupting someone’s workout rhythm. Get to the class early, strike up a conversation with the instructor and other participants.

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